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2022-2023 Scholarship Winners

This year we awarded twenty $3,000 scholarships totaling $60,000 to students attending Oregon State University. Thank you to all of the Thrift Shop volunteers whose efforts made this possible!


Allie Allie will enter the graphic design program at OSU. She wants to find a career path where she can use her artistic abilities and inspire others through her art. She was active in Young Life, a Christian organization that prioritizes community and small group involvement. She also worked at The Regent in Corvallis and took piano lessons.
Anjana Anjana plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering. Then she will go to graduate school to specialize in aerospace and eventually work in the aerospace industry. She was a part of the Western Aerospace Scholars, a program run by the Museum of Flight in Seattle, and she had an internship at OSU in Electrical engineering via ASE Saturday Academy.
Anna Anna is finishing her freshman year at OSU studying marine biology, a subject that she has been obsessed with since elementary school. Her goals include working as a field marine data collector and eventually working at an aquarium. These dreams from childhood have become fully formed goals that Anna is confident she can achieve.
Beatrice Beatrice’s goal is to become an ob-gyn. She will be in the pre-med program of the Honors College in the fall of 2022. She plans to apply for the Medical Preceptorship Program and for a Medical Humanities Certificate. She wants to provide comfort and the best care possible for her patients.
Briah As a child, Briah was always interested in finding out how things worked and studying the issues that arose. She was also interested in her dad’s work as a mechanical engineer. At OSU she hopes to find the branch of mechanical engineering that is the best fit for her. She wants to focus on problem-solving and designing.
Casey McDaniel Casey is enrolled in the general engineering program but plans to declare mechanical engineering as his major. After graduation he would like to find a job in the Pacific Northwest and stay involved in his community.
Cole Cole plans to major in mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering. His dream is to work at NASA or Space X and work on things that go to space like rovers, satellite, and rockets. His biggest inspiration was his high school physics teacher.
Emily Emily is working to complete her BS in Kinesiology and wants to be a pediatric occupational therapist. She was on the varsity Oregon State volleyball team and the Student Advisory Committee. She is passionate about healthy living.
Emma Emma has a double major in zoology and Spanish. She feels zoology will prepare her to rebuild ecosystems and protect biodiversity, and a Spanish major will enable her to work in Spanish-speaking countries. She works as a lab assistant at the United States Department of Agriculture tissue culture lab.
Erica Erica will be the first in her family to finish high school and be accepted to a university. She plans to study Human Development and Family Sciences with a focus on Human Services. Her goal is to get a job as a Health Navigator at a local school or work as a Family Advocate. She wants to help families like her own.
Holly Holly will seek a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in Education. She wants to share her passion for art with those who share the same passion or who simply want to learn more. She is presently compiling a portfolio to display her work but also to identify gaps where she might improve. She believes the College of Liberal Arts will help her grow as an artist, an educator, and an individual.
Jannah Moussaoui Jannah earned an Associate degree from LBCC in Psychology and will begin her OSU career as a junior. She is preparing to be on the research team of the Kindergarten Readiness Program and loves to learn about child development. She has volunteered at Garfield Elementary and worked at the Little Gym in Corvallis.
Jemin wants to start his career as an engineer and eventually become a project manager. He’s had some experience as a project manager in his high school robotics club. In the Honors College he expects to forge bonds with others who are extremely talented and highly motivated. He wants to make a positive impact on his community.
Jimena Jimena wants to earn a Bachelor of Science in computer science and pursue a career in programming. She organized a virtual coding workshop for students in Peru who hadn’t been exposed to programming. She connected with 10-year-olds and introduced them to the concepts of programming. She learned patience as each student learned at a different pace. This experience brought Jimena much joy, and she learned a great deal a teaching.
Madeline Madeline wants to earn a BS in Nutrition with a focus in Dietetics. Her goal is to get her dietician certification which will require a Master of Science in Nutrition. She wants to work with programs that focus on community health.
Maggie Maggie wants to work In Education. She enjoyed working as a camp counselor and doing the Child Development program at her school and recognizes how important education is. She wants to help kids explore and enjoy school. She is leaning towards secondary education.
Noah Noah does not have specific career goal but looks forward to exploring his options at OSU. Noah was the captain of the Philomath High School soccer team that won the 4A Soccer State Championship in November 2021. He credits his experience in soccer with teaching him endurance, hard work, patience, perseverance, and leadership.
Riley Riley is interested in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and healthcare. He wants to learn more about these fields so he can determine where his greatest interest lies. He’s looking forward to participating in research and internships at OSU.
Theodore Theodore is planning on a career in public health. He believes he has the two qualities necessary to serve the people of Oregon: a hard head and a soft heart. He feels that at the core of public service is a desire to serve with empathy those with the greatest need.
Yael Yael has always wanted to be a veterinarian. She has learned how to draw blood, participated in a job shadow where she listened to the heartbeat of a puppy, and “practiced” on her cats. When a fawn was born in her backyard, Yael raised it until Chintimini arrived to rescue the fawn and reunite it with her mother. Yael’s extracurricular activities have been cheerleading, speech, debate, and band.