Corvallis Community Thrift Shop, formerly the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop


2021-2022 Scholarship Winners

This year we awarded ten $3,000 scholarships totaling $30,000 to students attending Oregon State University. Thank you to all of the Thrift Shop volunteers whose efforts made this possible!


Sage Bothwell Sage Bothwell received the Eneke Warnke and Becky Strandberg Honorary Scholarship. Sage is interested in many subjects, especially Global Studies, and plans to become an educator. He hopes to inspire future students as his teachers have inspired him. This scholarship honors two former educators who served this year as chair of the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop and president of the OSU Folk Club respectively.
Emily Bourne Emily Bourne received the Marge Thornburgh and Beverley Taylor Memorial Scholarship. Emily’s academic goal is to become a pediatric occupational therapist. Because of her volunteer experiences at a summer camp, she especially wants to work with children with disabilities. This scholarship honors two former volunteers at the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop.
Emma Cienchanowski Emma Ciechanowski received the Joan and Roger Ryan Honorary Scholarship. Emma has been inspired by climate disasters to major in the sciences and find solutions to climate change. She also plans to minor in Spanish so that she can work internationally. This scholarship honors Joan and Roger Ryan who served as volunteer managers of the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop for 35 years.
Brooke Donner Brooke Donner received the Helen Dickason and Sandra Ferguson Memorial Scholarship. Brooke has been inspired by the selfless service of others during the COVID-19 pandemic. She wants to study science and enter a health profession. This scholarship honors two former volunteers at the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop.
Julia Donner Julia Donner received the Leonora Kerr Memorial Scholarship. Julia plans to major in microbiology and enter a career in medical science. Living through the pandemic made her determined to address the health disparities and needs of populations at higher risk. This scholarship honors Leonora Kerr who led the founding of the Folk Club in 1908 and is awarded to an outstanding freshman woman.
Joel Yi-Jie Lim Joel Yi-Jie Lim received the Jane Loomis Memorial Scholarship. Joel has broad interests, including geography, but may major in chemistry at OSU. He is also an award-winning pianist and plays chess and tennis. This scholarship honors Jane Loomis who made a major donation from her estate in 2007. This was the basis for funding the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation.
Casey McDaniel Casey McDaniel received the Lorraine Crowell Memorial Scholarship. Casey was inspired by his involvement in his high school robotics team to study mechanical engineering at OSU. He also was a member of his cross country and track team and enjoyed volunteering in community activities with the Philomath schools and Linn-Benton Food Share. This scholarship honors Lorraine Crowell who loaned money at generous repayment terms in 1969 to buy the Thrift Shop building.
Jannah Moussaoui Jannah Moussaoui received the Betty Slegel Memorial Scholarship. Jannah attended an on-line public school until her junior year in high school when she started taking classes at Linn-Benton Community College. She is an experienced gymnast who now coaches young children. She plans to major in psychology and minor in writing at OSU. This scholarship honors Betty Slegel who founded the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop in 1949.
Andrea Pauls Andrea Pauls received the Robert and Jackie Cain Memorial Scholarship. Andrea plays the cello and plans to become a professional musician. She also served as a Vocal Director of the Corvallis School District Theaters. This scholarship honors Robert and Jackie Cain who set up a scholarship at the OSU Foundation to be awarded by the Thrift Shop.
Anna Reistad Anna Reistad received the Dorothy Hopkins and Dorothy Weswig Memorial Scholarship. Anna has been extensively involved in 4-H while in high school while also excelling in cross country, track, and swimming. This scholarship honors Dorothy Hopkins, who made a substantial contribution over the period of 2000-2004 and Dorothy Weswig, who served as chair of the Donations Committee from 1959–1998 which initiated the financing of scholarships.